A physical body has a major effect on the behavior of antennas. We are the experts on developing solutions that actually work in such conditions. We can both simulate and test the effect of the body.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The performance of integrated antennas and interference-free electronics is crucial for the reliable operation of IoT devices in challenging environments.


When the amount of radios in a product increases, so does the complexity of antenna integration. Our competence in antenna simulations allows the development of products with dozens of antennas.


The reliability of equipment is essential, and the introduction of radios can cause unexpected problems; not only to connectivity but to any electronics. Our experts can help you to fix or avoid those problems.



We are here to help you develop amazing, high performance and high quality products with our services. Our core services are all about antennas and enabling wireless connectivity. We specialize in integrated antennas for products that have limited space and harsh environments.



Radientum, as an antenna design company, has the goal to fill the world with wireless products that have superior antenna solutions. With expertise in design, simulation, and testing for over 250 customers since 2015, our engineers in Finland can develop antennas from the very first concept innovation through over-the-air verification to ready-made prototypes.

Our product creation experience spans several decades in the mobile industry, guaranteeing optimal wireless performance. With unique simulation processes, we help companies be cost-effective, while speeding up time-to-market with higher ROI. Our engineers have developed dozens of essential patents for their previous employers and our customers in the field of wireless communication and antennas.

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Boosting R&D Investment: Simulation-Driven Antenna Design

15/12/2023|2,4GHz ISM, 2.4 GHz, 5G FR1, 5G FR2, Blog, BT, EMC/EMI, GNSS, LTE, mmWave, NFC, Radar, Sigfox, WiFi|

In our previous blog post, we talked about the importance of antenna design and testing. This time we are delving more deeply into antenna simulations: why are they at

How is Your Antenna Doing? An Overview of Antenna Testing

27/11/2023|2,4GHz ISM, 2.4 GHz, 5G FR1, Blog, BT, GNSS, LTE, Sigfox, WiFi|

As technology advances, diving into the highly technical world of RF can be a challenge to anyone – even those with an engineering degree! We want to bridge this

Radientum Joins Nordic Semiconductor’s Design Partners

28/09/2023|2,4GHz ISM, BT, GNSS, LTE, News, Sigfox|

We are thrilled to announce that Radientum has been accepted into Nordic Semiconductor's prestigious design partner list. This recognition is a testament to our expertise in antenna, RF, and

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