As the number of wireless devices keeps growing exponentially the need to design antennas for those devices follows. This has led to a situation in the industry where there simply are not enough engineers who can design or integrate antennas. Most companies when developing wireless devices have very little knowledge of how integrated antennas work or how to use critical antenna/RF tools, which leads to various mistakes and lost time, money, and opportunities.

Radientum as an antenna design service provider has seen this and has now engaged with TAMK, RAND Finland Oy, and Business Tampere to enable the growth to continue in the industry. At this first stage, we gather companies interested in developing better wireless products in the Tampere region in order to make this program a reality.

The launch event for the training program happens on 20.4.2022 at Tampere, Finland.  In the event, Radientum CEO Jukka Sjöstedt will share 5 ways how professional antenna design makes a HUGE impact on the communication range. You need to sign up for the event before the 14th of April 2022. The event is in Finnish.