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Boosting R&D Investment: Simulation-Driven Antenna Design

15/12/2023|2,4GHz ISM, 2.4 GHz, 5G FR1, 5G FR2, Blog, BT, EMC/EMI, GNSS, LTE, mmWave, NFC, Radar, Sigfox, WiFi|

In our previous blog post, we talked about the importance of antenna design and testing. This time we are delving more deeply into antenna simulations: why are they at

How is Your Antenna Doing? An Overview of Antenna Testing

27/11/2023|2,4GHz ISM, 2.4 GHz, 5G FR1, Blog, BT, GNSS, LTE, Sigfox, WiFi|

As technology advances, diving into the highly technical world of RF can be a challenge to anyone – even those with an engineering degree! We want to bridge this

Hardware potting – 5+1 tips to avoid problems with antennas

06/06/2022|2,4GHz ISM, 2.4 GHz, Blog, BT, GNSS, LTE, Sigfox, WiFi|

Why potting is used First, what is hardware potting? It is a process where you protect electronics from various effects by filling an enclosure of the electronics with a

CST Studio Suite: Domain Decomposition Solver vs. Time Domain Solver

18/05/2022|Blog, mmWave, Radar|

When designing and simulating periodical structures, like arrays, the engineer wants to have a reliable tool, that doesn’t require hours of setting up. Simulation time plays a significant role

MmWave antenna array feed design: Output ports are symmetrical but signal levels are not balanced?

19/03/2021|Blog, mmWave|

1. Introduction Fifth generation of mobile cellular networks (5G) is going to create a bridge to the future into the world of wireless technology due to the promising features

Custom Antenna vs. Off-the-Shelf – Five Reasons to Design a Custom Antenna for Your Product

11/05/2020|2,4GHz ISM, 2.4 GHz, 5G FR1, Blog, BT, GNSS, LTE, WiFi|

When you are developing a connected, wireless product, the antenna is one of the most critical design areas. Because the user experience depends on how well your product connects!

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