A group photo of the Radientum employees at the Christmas party

2023 was another year of growth and change for Radientum! We were reminded of all the new colleagues and past projects from this year, when we gathered at the Tampere offices for our annual Christmas party. The festivities began with a lunch in a local restaurant, where we also met our co-workers from the Espoo Design Office! After sharing the lunch, we slowly made our way back to our workspaces. Upon our return, however, we were summoned to the relaxing area by none other than… Santa Claus himself!

Santa Claus giving presents at the Radientum Christmas party

Santa had – of course – travelled all the way from Lapland to reward all the nice little engineers! After swapping our “Secret Santa” presents, we spent the afternoon socializing, until it was time for the main event of the evening: dinner and entertainment! We had reserved the beautiful Villa Sofia for the evening, where we shared drinks and a spectacular Christmas dinner. The dinner was followed with a performance by the award-winning magician Juhani Kirjavainen, who ensured that our evening was truly magical 😉

Juhani Kirjavainen performing for Radientum employees.

Some of us continued the celebrations at the local pubs, but since we don’t want to end up on Santa’s naughty list for the next year, it’s better to leave the rest to your imagination..!

Radientum employees at Villa Sofia.

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