Radientum is the world’s most wanted antenna design partner for products that require demanding and innovative antenna designs in automotive, wearable, IOT and other industries.

We help our customers to develop superior antenna solutions for their wireless products. With the expertise of design, simulation and testing from corporations such as Nokia, Microsoft, Intel, Blackberry & Huawei , our engineers can develop antennas from the very first concept innovation through Over-The-Air verification to ready-made prototypes.

Our product creation experience from mobile industry guarantees optimal wireless performance. With a unique way of simulation, we help companies to be cost-effective, speed up time-to-market with higher ROI. Our expertise covers a wide range of wireless technologies such as WIFI, RFID, NFC, GNSS, Cellular, Bluetooth and LoRa/Sigfox.

We serve customers all around the world

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Radientum was founded in 2015 by a group of ex-Nokia antenna engineers with a vision to enable optimal antenna performance for products in all industries. We set out to provide the access to antenna engineering resources and tools such as simulation environment and antenna laboratory on a need-to-use basis.

The year 2016 was a period of developing our internal processes to be agile while working on customer projects. Since our foundation, we have always been working for our customers and learning continuously how to provide even better services.

At the start of 2017, we got a new CEO when Jukka Sjöstedt joined our team. He brought management experience from competitive international business and set out to make us truly international. During the spring we set up our OTA measurement chamber to provide a wider range of services. October 2017 was the month when we had a booth at an exhibition for the first time outside of Finland.

2018 was a year of rapid growth where 2017 efforts started to pay off almost doubling our revenue. The year saw changes in ownership and recruitment of engineering resources to fulfill customer demand.

2019 was a year of stable and profitable growth leading to about 874k€ revenue with 108k€ profit. We continued recruitments and our board of directors was joined by two board professionals. By the end of 2019, we had already served 113 customers in 24 countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Finland, France, Spain, Canada, etc. 2019 was also the year we started our first research project together with universities and other industry partners.

Corona affected our customers severely in 2020 which therefore had an effect on us as well followed by supply chain problems in 2021. During these years we focused on developing our capabilities. 2021 was the year we initiated our second research project, this time with an international consortium.

The year 2022 has been a year of changes as we passed 2 million in revenue. It meant establishing our second office in Espoo, Finland, and bringing in several more people to the Radientum team.

In 2023, Radientum made its first acquisition by purchasing TreSolver Oy.

Share Holders

Jukka Sjöstedt


Juha Lehikoinen

Chairman of the Board

Mikko Parkkila


Sami Somero

Member of the Board

Janne Heiskanen

Principal antenna engineer

Integrated Antennas /
RF systems /
2 filed patents
Experience: > 20 years

Olli Talvitie

Principal antenna engineer

Antenna Concepts /
wearables / 13 filed patents
Experience: > 20 years

Jari van Wonterghem

Principal antenna engineer

Antenna Concepts /
mobile / 5G / 12 filed patents
Experience: > 20 years

Tero Knuuttila

Principal EMC engineer

EMC/EMI design /
RF interoperability /  EM simulations
Experience: > 15 years

Timo Yli-Pietilä

Principal antenna engineer & CEO at TreSolver

EMC design /
testing / simulation
Experience: > 30 years


Summer party 2023

HQ – Tampere
Visiokatu 4
33720 Tampere, Finland
+358 40 501 3535
Design Office – Espoo
Innopoli 2
Tekniikantie 14
02150 Espoo, Finland

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