Investment in research and development drives us forward!

Ever since 2018, we have invested heavily in developing our know-how and capabilities to be able to grow and provide better services to our customers. This has been done in collaboration with both industry and academic partners and partially funded by various entities. On this page, development projects are listed with short descriptions. Customer projects are found in references.

PROJECT: RF Convergence – Integrated Wideband Antenna Arrays – 1.1.2019 – 30.4.2021

The amount of wireless data increases exponentially, autonomous systems are gaining footprint, and augmented reality is booming. In addition to efficient communications, also the importance of radio-based sensing is increasing. This development requires new multi-functional hardware to enable versatile and efficient use of the spectrum, energy and hardware. In this project, leading companies in Finland together with academic partners develop multi-functional hardware systems, which can be used both in mobile communications and in radio-based environmental sensing.

Developed systems enable completely new applications and business opportunities in many fields such as environmental intelligent transport systems, healthcare and wellbeing, environmental and urban monitoring, energy management, security, building and home automation, and process and manufacturing industry. The concept of RF convergence where the future multifunctional radio network can provide both communications and radio-based sensing functionalities, simultaneously and potentially at same frequencies, can form a radical disruption to existing systems and business models.

Digitally-assisted array transceivers operating at cm- and mm-wave frequencies will evidently be an integral part of the future wireless communications and sensing systems. The expectations set to these systems cannot be met through software development without significant advancements in hardware. Hardware performance is already now a limiting factor for companies to widen their product portfolio and business area. The whole chain from antenna to RF IC with hardware and signal processing algorithms must be redefined to achieve competitiveness in renewing communications and sensing technology markets.

In this project, Radientum develops their antenna know-how on cutting-edge multifunctional mm-wave arrays together with other companies while academia educates new game changers.

PROJECT: Antenna consulting services for German market

Market research and service production for German market.

Project Size 149 040€
Granted Funding 74 520€


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