Wireless range and antenna integration

Wireless range is one of the most important design criteria for any wireless IoT device. It has a huge impact on the user experience through reliable communication but also on battery life and how easy a device is to handle. A major misconception regarding wireless range is the role of an antenna. Some think that the antenna is a component you can buy and they are wrong, in the case of embedded antennas. All embedded antennas need to be integrated into the device, its PCB, mechanics, etc. The challenge of antenna integration is not about the antenna itself, but its environment, the device, and how the device is used. Because of this misconception, many device makers fail.

Electronica 2022

At Electronica 2022, Radientum’s CEO Jukka Sjöstedt takes the stage on the 16th of November at 12:00 in ICM to share 3 ways that will help IoT device makers to double the range of their devices and these 3 ways can be applied to any antenna and any communication technology. These are explained through case studies of Radientum’s customers.

Radientum team has a stand at the Electronica exhibition in B5-241 where more of their customer’s devices are shown and our team is happy to share more insights on how to ensure optimal performance of the wireless devices. If you like to dive a bit deeper into the world of antenna integration, you can schedule a meeting to our stand by contacting Radientum’s CMO Mikko Parkkila: mikko.parkkila@radientum.fi

About Radientum

Radientum is the world’s most wanted design service partner for products that require demanding and innovative antenna/RF/EMC designs in industries such as healthcare, wearable, IoT, automotive, and others. Since 2015 Radientum has done close to 700 projects for over 200 customers in more than 30 countries.