Radientum Oy, Finland’s leading antenna consultancy company, has moved its Espoo office to Otaniemi and is ready to hire more antenna/RF experts. Otaniemi in Espoo is the campus of Finland’s largest technical university Aalto. It is located right next to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

“Close proximity to Aalto University, many of our business partners, and excellent public transit connection were key criteria for selecting Otaniemi as our office location. Technopolis enables us to grow with their flexible office arrangements and services.”, Radientum CEO Jukka Sjöstedt.

Office in Espoo was established only a few months ago but soon ran out of space. Radientum’s antenna laboratories including anechoic chambers are in Hervanta, Tampere, but a significant amount of antenna tuning can be done locally in Espoo thanks to the new office with an RF lab.

“Over 80% of our revenue comes from outside of Finland and therfore working remotely has been built in to our culture. Nevertheless, office at Otaniemi brings that little bit of extra to our local customers who can come by with their prototypes.”, Radientum CMO Mikko Parkkila

About Radientum, Radientum Oy is an antenna, RF & EMC design, testing, and consulting company with the engineers and the tools to bring superior wireless connectivity to your products. We help your product development to be cost-effective and speed up time-to-market, which results in a higher Return-On-Investment (ROI). Our engineers can design any compactly integrated antennas from the very first concept innovation through Over-The-Air verification to ready-made prototypes, simulate your signal integrity and fix noise sources in your product.

For more information:
CEO Jukka Sjöstedt, jukka.sjostedt@radientum.fi, +358 40 501 3535
CMO Mikko Parkkila, mikko.parkkila@radientum.fi, +358 50 480 1271