As we are growing rapidly, we are looking for a master’s student to join our team to help push our world-leading simulation know-how to the next level.

Master’s thesis on material characterization for accurate antenna simulations

Simulations are an essential part of the modern product design flow. Time and cost are saved when the essential question: “How does it work” can be answered even before any prototypes are made.

Simulations are only as good as the model. In highly integrated product designs, for instance, smart watches,  this causes challenges to antenna simulations because the antenna is surrounded by very complex electromechanical structures and materials, for instance, solar cells, batteries, displays, and various sensors.

In this thesis work, you will dive deep into the analysis of the selected topic. The aim of the work is to provide useful and validated antenna simulation modeling guidelines for the selected topic. Work includes analysis of structures and materials, development of simulation models, and their validation with measurements.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your application with your CV and salary wish to We will hire a suitable candidate as soon as the right person is found.