1. Controller

Radientum Oy (business ID 2729396-6)

(hereinafter Radientum, ”We” or ”Our”)

Our contact details

Mikko Parkkila, Visiokatu 4, 33720 Tampere,, +358504801271

2. Name of the Register

Customer Register of Radientum

3. General Terms

This privacy policy of Radientum applies to processing of personal data collected and recorded in connection to customer relationship in the course of providing Radientum’s professional services.

When processing your personal data, Our goal is to conduct the business by providing you with high quality services and improving customer experience, however, by respecting your privacy rights at all times. We never collect unnecessary data of Our customers, and We recognize Our responsibility to protect the privacy Our customers and persons affiliated. We give Our best effort to provide information on Our processing activities in as comprehensive and clear manner as possible. In terms of Customer Register of Radientum, We offer Our customers’ and other data subjects the right of access and right to rectification.

4. Content of the personal data in the Register

Regarding our customers (natural persons) and other legal entities, we collect the following data of the customers’ contact person, other natural persons and persons affiliated relevant to management of customer relationships (hereinafter “Data Subject”):

  1. Name
  2. Title
  • Address (address of registered office and home address of a natural person, if applicable)
  1. Communication language
  2. Date of birth
  3. Email address
  • Phone number
  • Any additional information given by the Data Subject
  1. Other relevant information necessary to management of customer relationships, such as relevant customer history, relevant information about invoicing and debt collection.

5. Purpose of processing

We process the collected personal data for the following purposes:

(i)  to provide and order Our professional services (ii) to personalize Our services and communication, targeting the recommendations and marketing (iii) customer service and communications related to Our services, such as sending messages, notes, technical notifications, updates and responding to client requests or queries (iv) to send messages related to marketing, advertising and sales promotion and other information, which may be regarded interesting to the target, including information of Us, Our professional services, campaigns and information related to general sales promotion (v) to deliver, maintain, protect and improve Our services (vi) direct marketing purposes under consents or prohibitions given by the Data Subject (vii) conducting and targeting of market researches, analysis and reports (viii) ensuring the appropriateness and quality of the communication (ix) carrying out risk assessments, inspecting and preventing potential misconducts and infringements towards Us (x) planning our business operations and developing our products and services; and (xi) to other purposes related to performing data processor rights and obligations, in order to resolve any disputes and claims, and purposes related to performance of contract with third parties.

In case the Data Subject provides Us an address for contact by electronic means, such as email address, Data Subject has given unambiguous consent to send marketing and communication by electronic means.

In terms of occasional, pre-identified and short-term campaigns, means of processing of personal data may be given by campaign-specific privacy policy. Personal data collected for such campaigns is deleted immediately after the initial and compatible purpose of processing no longer exists.

6. Sources of the collected data

Regular sources of data are the data collected directly from Data Subject, data formed by our customer service and use of Our products and services. In addition, We may collect data based on consent given by the Data Subject, when processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation, or receive data concerning the Data Subject from third parties, such as authorities, for example in order to improve quality of our communication, or to ensure the accuracy of our data.

7. Data transfers

Radientum does not perform any regular transfers of data from the Customer Register.

Radientum may transfer data to third parties, such as authorities, to the extent permitted and obliged by applicable laws.

We never transfer data outside EU/EAA area, unless it is necessary for technical implementation of Our service. In such cases, We ensure the adequate level of data privacy as compelled by applicable laws.

8. Use of cookies and related technology

Radientum website and other equivalent electronic platforms may use cookies. By using the data collected via cookie service, We may improve functionality and content of Our website. In case you wish to do so, you may switch off the cookies from your browser settings. However, We are not able to ensure that our platforms function in a proper manner after switching off the cookies, as cookies may be vital for proper functioning of some of the services.

9. Our data protection principles

Personal data may be stored in Radientum’s own physical platform, or in a cloud service electronically provided by a third-party service provider. When using such third-party service provider, Radientum still remains as controller of the personal data and therefore, is responsible of measures related to rights of the Data Subjects. Regardless of whether We store the personal data in Our own or in an outsourced technical environment, as a controller, We have liability to ensure that the data security is appropriately organized by using technical protection measures, such as passwords and restrictions of access.

We give Our best efforts to establish and update Our measures, in order to protect the personal data from unauthorized use, loss or alteration. We work cooperative with authorities and Our partners to ensure the high level of data privacy to the Data Subjects pursuant to applicable laws. Despite the aforesaid, it shall be noted that in online no data in never fully trustworthy and safe.

10. Right of access by the Data Subject

Under privacy laws, Data Subject has the right to access the personal data. The data subject may file an explicit request to access the personal data relating to him/her.

11. Right to rectification

Under privacy laws, Data Subject has the right to require Radientum to rectify, delete or supplement personal data, which is inaccurate, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated in relation to the purpose of the processing. Data Subject is responsible of accuracy of the information provided by Data Subject himself/herself. In case there are changes in personal data recorded in the register, the Data Subject must notify such changes to controller.

12. Other privacy rights

Under Information Society Code (917/2014), Data Subject may give or withdraw consent to direct marketing by electronic means. Such consent or withdrawal may be given by sending a notice to Our contact person in this privacy policy.

Furthermore, Data Subject has right to object processing and transfer of personal data, to the extent that processing is related to direct marketing, distance sales, market research and opinion polls. Such marketing ban may be given by sending a notice to Our contact person in this privacy policy. Right to object processing is not applicable to customer communication or any other communication related to providing and conducting Our products and services, and maintaining customer relationships.

This privacy policy is last updated on 04.05.2020. Radientum reserves the right to revise its privacy practices and update this privacy policy thereunder.