A small challenger has grown into a strong, well-known, and goal-oriented company.

Radientum started its operations in December 2015 when Mikko Parkkila and Janne Heiskanen decided to employ themselves by starting a company. Microsoft had just laid off 2,300 people in Finland, and about 1,000 remained to develop future innovations. However, the rest of the operations were discontinued in 2016. From this drastic change and uncertainties of the local business landscape, Radientum was born in Tampere. 

From the very beginning, it was known that the large market for niche antenna and RF expertise is outside Finland. Thus, Radientum has positioned itself as an international company right from the beginning Every year, more than half of the turnover has come from export, and the fairs and marketing have been boldly invested in.    

There’s been a lot of events in five years. I am writing this text on Finland’s Independence Day 2020. Finland and the quality of Finnish work mean a lot to us. It is not a foregone conclusion that our company still exists and is profitable! Many companies founded at the same time have already fallen. There are many reasons and one of the most important is the team. If it doesn’t play, nothing’s going to work. To our customers, I am grateful for the 357 projects we have participated in. Every product feels like its own and it’s great to see the customer’s product on the market knowing that our handprint is in the story. 

2020 will certainly be remembered as a special year in our history. Professional board members, COVID-19, and growth management happened at the same time. Our decision in the spring to hire two new designers was not easy, while at the same time the whole world seemed to go lockdown. We were hit by two customer bankruptcies, one customer’s branch office was closed down and, as a result, quite a credit loss. In addition, many project plans were postponed or not started altogether. In light of these things, I can describe our fifth year as a victory in the fight against COVID-19. What else would reflect a situation wherein this challenging year we hired 4 new people and kept our turnover growing! 

The secret to our success lies in our people. Everyone is committed to doing their best and, in the Finnish way, we also tell customers honestly when the goals set cannot be achieved. This is an excellent marketing tip, by the way. Even if we can do miracles sometimes, we can’t change the laws of physics. Almost without exception, honest communication leads to cooperation.   

Radientum has come a long way from its roots. We have built both a team and its technical expertise in new areas. The expertise of the 5G RF2, i.e. millimeter waves, will completely change the RF and antenna design. And most importantly, of course, we have invested even more in the fact that customer always gets the best service from us and the best employees at their best use. Our growth shows that we have succeeded. All the credits go to all our valued customers and Radientum’s experts  

To celebrate our 5-year journeyRadientum commits our social responsibility to a new way. The antenna designs we have made improve the energy efficiency of wireless devices and through this, we save quite a bit of energy. However, we want to do more and start working together to compensate for our carbon footprint. We will plant a tree from each of our customer projects. In springtime 2021, we will plant the first batch of 357 trees, which represent 357 completed projects during the last 5 years. And in the future, we continue to donate more trees annually. We carry out the plantings in cooperation with istutapuita.fi by donating a number of trees corresponding to our annual project volume.   

A Finnish person emits an average of 10,300 kg of carbon dioxide annually. By planting one tree, you can compensate for your carbon footprint by an average of 21 days.”   

With our initial donation, we compensated for one person’s carbon dioxide emissions for 21 years. 


Jukka Sjöstedt, CEO