The Embedded World trade fair is upon us. This year it is returning to its regular schedule and Radientum is with it. Embedded World is the place to be if you are developing embedded electronics. It could be for Industrial IoT, it could be wearable, or even automotive. Antennas are a key part of any wireless embedded electronics and Radientum as a leading design service provider for embedded antennas is there to help you get started.

You can find us at booth H3-510.


As the amount of wireless IOT products increases, more and more companies are developing those for the first time. There are many challenges that can be encountered from the functionality of the device to the approvals of the device. In the past, we have helped over 200 customers to navigate these challenges from an antenna perspective. By doing so we have helped companies to create amazing products that were thought to be impossible. In recent times EMC/EMI topics and solving them have become increasingly important. Those can block your market entry!

To tackle this challenge and to make engaging with R&D efforts easier for our customers, RADIENTUM is launching a productized service package for EMC/EMI debugging. Come to meet us at our stand to learn more!


The number one reason for unexpected behavior is internal interference. It can be seen in multiple ways like a random freeze, lost connection, or slow data rate. A good user experience for a wireless device can be often more demanding than passing certification. All of these are caused by HW design but problems can be also fixed. We will walk through some examples of how to avoid, find and fix common pitfalls during device design flow.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wireless product development gets a lot easier thanks to the partnerships of Radientum and WaveLab Ruhr

Certifications and approvals are a major pain point for the development of wireless devices. Not only for antenna, RF, and EMC but for the entire device. Decisions made before the product development regarding the features and target markets dictate many activities during the development. Activities might get out of proportion if requirements are not fully understood leading to unnecessary costs or choices that could be easily avoided by early consideration of approval requirements.

“This partnership with WaveLAB Ruhr will allow Radientum to help our customers to select the right path to eventually navigate the maze of certifications even before we engage in the journey of wireless product development.” – Mikko Parkkila, CMO of Radientum

At this year’s Embedded World Radientum and waveLAB Ruhr join forces at Radientum stand 3-510. Beside the well-known experience of Radientum, Markus Ridder and waveLAB support Radientum.

“I’m glad to announce the partnership of the fabulous Radientum with waveLAB Ruhr, especially with the upcoming EW. The two companies complement each other very well in order to offer perfect customer service and a broad portfolio in the field of high-frequency technology.“ – Markus Ridder, CEO of waveLAB Ruhr

“Partnership with waveLAB Ruhr allows us to provide local support to our customers in Germany and to even further speed up reaction times and flexibility of our debugging services.” – Jukka Sjöstedt, CEO of Radientum

About WaveLAB Ruhr
WaveLAB Ruhr offers Measurement services in the field of RF-technology as well as training courses on the topics of approval and EMC/radio technology. Do you need technical support in the field of high-frequency technology to obtain a CE mark? Did your product not pass the market approval test in an accredited test house and you need help with troubleshooting? We can help with expertise and pre-compliance measurements“

About Radientum
Radientum is the world’s most wanted design service partner for products that require demanding and innovative antenna/RF/EMC designs in industries such as healthcare, wearable, IoT, automotive, and others. Since 2015 Radientum has done close to 700 projects for over 200 customers in more than 30 countries globally.


Presentation of a groundbreaking demonstrator to test the functionality of combined distance and angle measurement with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).


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