Round Solutions GmbH & Co KG provides its customers the best possible IoT and m2m solutions. Their ultimate goal is to create wireless sensors, firmware, technology and products to help their international pool of customers to make use of the benefits of industrial IoT. In order to be the best in their field, they need partners they can rely on. Having been in the business for over 20 years already, they have learned to value the working relationship with Radientum, as it enables them to produce high quality devices.

When Round Solutions first started a working relationship with Radientum, they were designing an industrial IoT gateway that was using a plastic enclosure. They wanted the embedded antenna to be placed inside the enclosure and started to look for a partner to assist them in reaching this goal.

Before choosing a suitable company, they set very specific decision criteria, which included the competency of the company, the performance of the device, the speed, the time to market, the cost and also how the technical people would work together with Round Solutions’ design team.

– Radientum ticked all the boxes, so we reached out to them to support us, the CEO and Founder of Round Solutions, Ben Hoelke, explains.

High-quality product with multiple international certifications

The device to which Radientum designed the antenna for, has already passed many regulations and earned several certifications worldwide. It has currently been certified in Europe, Australia, and in the US. Round Solutions is currently working on getting it certified also in Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa.

The Chief Design Engineer at Round Solutions, Mazen Jrab, thinks that earning various certificates is a solid proof that the device is very reliable, as it can pass even the strictest regulations. He feels that their partnering with Radientum has played a huge role in getting the device certified.

– Radientum has proved to us that they are very reliable. They have always made on-time deliveries. They sometimes even over-deliver by providing us advice on how we can improve the design and reduce the noise so that we have even better performance for the antenna, Jrab explains.

“We form a very good fit with Radientum”

Jrab is convinced that their cooperation with Radientum has been the right choice and feels passionate about what they have accomplished so far.

– I did the first measurements myself and I was very satisfied right away. In addition to feeling satisfied at work, I also felt personally satisfied and very proud of the work we have done with the partner we chose, Jrab commented.

Their connection is so close that Jrab thinks that Round Solutions and Radientum can be described as a robust well-functioning unit, as opposed to having a traditional buyer-supplier relationship. He feels that this has had a direct and positive impact on the way they are seen by their customers.

– The way our customers see us has changed, because it is not just about us. It is also about the ecosystem, which includes the partners that we work with. Our clients can see that we have formed a very good bond with Radientum and that we can work together to produce these kinds of very high quality devices, he concludes.

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Round Solutions

Round Solutions GmbH & Co KG based in Frankfurt, Germany, provides its customers the IoT and m2m solutions.

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