Wireless Device Revolution

Device makers are launching dozens of new wireless products in the markets every day – tens of billions of devices are now connected wirelessly. And, we are still in the starting blocks of the Internet of Things!

The Internet of Things, cars, and wearables has ignited a proliferation of connected devices in all sectors of life, business, and the industry. However, you can expect to see accelerated growth as device makers are seeking new revenues, industries are aiming for higher efficiencies, and consumers are craving for faster connections, and more amazing experiences. So, ever more wireless devices are required with even better connectivity!

However, competition is fierce, and, as you know, it is not easy to develop a great wireless device – it’s only as good as the quality of the connection. A flaky, dragging wireless connection ruins the user-experience in a split moment, the user abandons the product, and – in the worst scenario – gives bad online ratings, which can simply stop your sales long before the break-even point.

Antenna – the most critical component!

It’s not enough to just enable a device with any wireless connection. Today, consumers and industrial users expect connectivity with uncompromised quality. Clearly, wireless has become the most significant feature in consumer gadgets and industrial IoT devices. This, in turn, makes a carefully designed antenna the most critical component in your product!

What’s the Product Makers’ Antenna Challenge?

As a device maker, how can you ensure that the antenna inside your product delivers superior wireless connectivity and user-experience? Designing an antenna is challenging – how to develop a high-performing antenna without missing out the market window, and blowing up your budget?

Hire an Antenna Design Specialist!

Building a high-performance antenna for a connected product requires specialist expertise in antenna design, testing, measurements, and simulation. It requires specialist tools, laboratory environments, and anechoic chamber.

Custom antenna design is our super-power!

 Since 2015, Radientum has been delivering high-performance antenna design and consulting services for companies startup device makers, and the world-leading brands. Hundreds of products.


Expertise on EMC, RF and antenna consulting supporting full product development

R&D testing

In-House measurement facilities to fully support Over-The-Air verification before certification

Product Integration

Best in the world antenna simulation, tuning and integration skills for wireless device


As you develop a wireless product that has embedded antennas the entire device becomes an antenna. Therefore it is important that our antenna engineers work closely with your mechanical engineers and hardware engineers. However, if you want to use contract workers in those fields, we can provide those and more through our extensive partner network of design companies. They can provide design even for the entire device.

Why go through us? Many of our customers actually are design companies that develop products for others. When we have worked with them on several projects we know them and how they work. Therefore, we can confidently introduce expertise from these companies to you while ensuring the quality of service is at the same level as ours!

Antenna design

Radientum’s turn-key antenna design service perfectly fits your product development process! Our top antenna experts work in a seamless partnership with your product development team – from the initial feasibility study to the concept and detailed design to testing and final verifications. We support you even during the manufacturing phase in antenna related topics.

Custom antenna design

You can choose between an off-the-shelf antenna and a custom antenna for your wireless product. If you want to achieve a superior RF performance and interference-tolerance or minimize compromises in the product design, we recommend you design a custom antenna. However, custom antennas provide you with many more benefits – our service overview will tell you more!

Standard antenna integration

Because you need to get your product to the market fast. Developing hardware products is expensive and the longer your product is being develop the more capital is tied before your product start to generate money. With standard antennas you will can speed up the process while achieving good RF performance and get you amazing product out to your customers to enjoy.

Antenna consulting

Designing, testing, debugging, and fixing antennas can be complicated and time-consuming. In the worst case, you simply cannot find the perfect solution. This is when you should contact Radientum for Antenna Consulting! Our experts have cutting-edge equipment, facilities, and simulators to help you with all things antenna quickly!

Antenna simulation

With Antenna Simulation, you can accurately predict your product’s RF performance early in the design phase – and save time and money. You can also use simulation to quickly verify your antenna design variants, without producing costly prototypes. Radientum’s Antennal Simulation service enables you an agile product development process!

Antenna measurements

When launching a wireless product, you must be 100% sure that it conforms to the SAR regulations and official certifications. A poorly designed antenna can interfere with other systems, or harm the user. Radientum’s Antenna Measurements service helps you to ensure your antenna performs as planned!

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