Why Design a Custom Antenna?

Because you cannot afford to compromise user experience. Whether you are making wireless consumer devices or industrial IoT modules, the users always expect flawless wireless connectivity. And, in today’s hyper-competed markets, they have ever more alternative products to choose from.

With a Custom Antenna, you don’t have to make compromises in the product design; you can ensure the optimal RF performance, and provide your customers with the best possible user experience and reliable connectivity. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, hire an antenna consultant!

custom antenna design

When Should You Design A Custom Antenna?

Custom Antenna is a perfect solution when you aim to develop a product with superior RF performance using integrated antenna technologies (see table), or if you want to minimize compromises in product design. Custom Antenna is also recommended if your product form-factor only allows for limited space for the antenna, or in case of high production volumes.

When we customize an antenna for your product, it becomes a seamlessly integrated part of it. This reduces the number of components, requires less space, makes the product lighter, and increases its reliability.

Our recent article helps you to decide on whether to design a custom antenna or integrate an off-the-shelf antenna.

The Design Process

Radientum provides device makers with an agile, simulation-driven antenna design process that integrates seamlessly into your product development process. It spans from the initial feasibility study to the concept and detailed design to testing and final verifications. We can support you even during the manufacturing phase.

You can simply concentrate on your product while we bring in our world-class antenna design experience, equipment, facilities, and the process.

What are the Benefits of Custom Antennas?

A custom-designed antenna allows for an ideal solution for any device form-factor. A custom antenna provides better wireless performance, especially in space-constrained devices such as wearables and small IoT sensors.

You can develop better multi-band capabilities by fitting more operating bands into the product. This results in a larger geographic market area and reduces the number of product variants and costs.

Custom antennas can be developed for better tolerance against environmental disturbances compared to an off-the-shelf (OTS) antenna.

Custom Antennas are a smart way to reduce your product costs! By seamlessly integrating the product and a custom-designed antenna, you can reduce BOM. Sometimes mechanical parts such as a metal frame, screw, or even cables can be used as the antenna. In the best case, you can reduce the cost of the antenna to zero!

Custom Antenna Reference Case

Radientum has designed several dozens of custom antennas for consumer handhelds, industrial devices, and IoT modules for brands and manufacturers globally.

Enevo is the leading waste technology company with a patented IoT suite and sensor to reduce waste-related costs for companies, municipalities, and cities. Over 45,000 Enevo’s LTE-enabled waste container sensors in six continents help the company’s customers measure, analyze, and manage waste, reducing costs and increasing sustainability.

Waste containers are a challenging environment for antennas, and, for Enevo, robust RF performance is critical. Radientum designed a custom antenna for Enevo. Since 2010, the Radientum-developed antenna has ensured the transmission of wireless waste data on all Enevo devices across the world duly!

custom antenna design

Why Choose Radientum’s Design Approach?

You must keep three aspects in balance when designing a custom antenna: deliver a superior RF performance, keep the development costs at bay, and make sure the product is timely launched.

Our agile, simulation-driven antenna design process provides you with a perfect balance. Our simulations correlate closely with measurements. This means that we can quickly test different variants and deliver a cost-efficient design for the best performance for any given industrial design. Simulation minimizes the number of costly and slow prototyping rounds.

Our Design Experience with Custom Antennas

Since 2015, Radientum’s antenna consultants have successfully delivered more than 200 antenna and RF projects and helped more than 100 companies in all things antenna. With 100 years of combined antenna design and product development experience, we can help you in a broad range of custom-antenna design assignments, from wireless consumer handhelds, wearables, and hearables to all types of industrial devices and appliances.

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