Why Integrate a Standard Chip Antenna?

A standard chip antenna is your choice when you need to get your product to the market quickly. Developing hardware products is expensive, and the longer your product is developing, the more capital is tied before your product starts generating money.
With standard chip antennas, you can speed up the process while achieving good RF performance and get your amazing product out to your customers to enjoy.

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When Should You Select an Off-the-Shelf Antenna?

A standard off-the-self antenna will serve you well, as long as you follow the instructions of the antenna manufacturers when it comes to placing and clearance of the antenna. These instructions are not optional guidance: not following them will most likely render the component useless.

If you are planning to mold your device or fill it with potting material you also need to be careful with your selection. While some off-the-shelf components will work with certain materials, others may not.
If your product has a small initial manufacturing volume and high uncertainty of future volumes, you want to avoid high up-front costs by using a standard antenna.

Our recent article helps you to decide on whether to design a custom antenna or integrate an off-the-shelf antenna.

The Design Process

Radientum helps device makers integrate off-the-shelf antenna components using our agile antenna design process. When using a standard chip antenna, you don’t need to spend resources designing the antenna structure, but the largest part of integrated antenna design is actually designing the environment, i.e. the rest of the device.

The process starts with a feasibility study or a concept where the antenna component and the location are selected. The possibility of following antenna manufacturers’ reference design is critical selection criteria but things such as PCB size or cover materials can be altered, thanks to our simulation-driven antenna design process.

We can simulate components from various manufacturers and provide accurate performance forecasts for different design choices. This allows you to make decisions based on data and avoid costly design changes with prototypes.

Why Choose Radientum’s Integration Approach

Antenna manufacturers can give support for antenna integration to their customers, but the support is limited to their products. Radientum is independent of any antenna manufacturers; therefore we are not biased towards using a certain component. We provide you the data to make informed decisions, and help you to release the full potential of the standard antenna component. You can use components from various manufacturers and we will support you with all of them. This is very important when placing several antennas in a small space, since antennas can easily interfere with each other.

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Our Experience in Antenna Integration

Since 2015, Radientum’s antenna experts have successfully delivered more than 200 antenna and RF projects and helped more than 100 companies in all things antenna. With 100 years of combined antenna design and product development experience, we can help you in a broad range of antenna integration assignments, from wireless consumer handhelds, wearables, and hearables to all types of industrial devices and appliances.

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You have a vision of a wireless product. So, you know how the product should look like, what materials will be used, what’s the desired connectivity experience, and more. The first thing is to find out how these requirements affect antenna design and is the vision realistic. Feasibility Study enables you to do just that!

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