Why Antenna Simulation?

The number of wireless devices around us is growing exponentially, and so is the intensity of radiation and interference. This means that superior antenna quality, robust RF performance, and tolerance against interference have become the most critical features of your product!

With an agile, simulation-driven antenna design process, you can develop better wireless products faster while reducing development costs. For example, you can accurately simulate the RF performance already early in the design phase. Simulation simplifies multi-antenna design, and antenna design for small, and potted devices. The simulation shows how the mechanical parts, structures, and metallic embodiment would interfere with the antenna. You can even predict how your product’s RF behaves in various environments – when the product is near a human body, cast in concrete, immersed in water, or placed underground.

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Benefits of Antenna Simulation

Simulation-driven antenna design speeds up your R&D. With Antenna Simulation, you can verify all design choices in an agile way as product design matures. You don’t have to develop a costly prototype and run full-blown measurements to get the RF performance results. With simulation-driven product development, you can predict performance in all environments early in the design.

Our Antenna Design & Consulting Experience

Since 2015, Radientum’s antenna experts have successfully delivered more than 200 antenna and RF projects and helped more than 100 companies in all things antenna.

With 100 years of combined antenna design and product development experience, we can help you in a broad range of Antenna Simulation assignments, from simulation-driven virtual testing to a complete design project.

Antenna Simulation is our core tool. Radientum has a verified record of excellent correlation between simulations and measurements. We can quickly test various solutions and derive the best performance for any given industrial design, regardless of its restrictions. We can minimize the number of prototyping rounds to provide you with the fastest time to market and reduced costs.

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You have a vision of a wireless product. So, you know how the product should look like, what materials will be used, what’s the desired connectivity experience, and more. The first thing is to find out how these requirements affect antenna design and is the vision realistic. Feasibility Study enables you to do just that!

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