Why Choose Our EMC Consultancy Services

Electronic products can fail even when meeting functional requirements. Failures often stem from electromagnetic noise sources and radiating structures, resulting in excessive emission levels. Another common issue is a product’s susceptibility to external noise. Unfortunately, these problems typically arise during official EMC testing, which is often too late to implement cost-effective solutions. This is where our expertise in EMC consulting becomes crucial.

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R&D EMC Analysis – Enhance Your Product’s EMC Performance

To mitigate these risks, it’s crucial to incorporate EMC checkpoints during the product conceptualization and early prototyping phases. Our EMC consultancy services provide fast R&D EMC tests with prototypes, offering insights into emission and immunity performance and facilitating necessary improvements. If gaps in EMC test levels are identified, our R&D test lab offers an ideal environment for required enhancements. Leveraging 2D & 3D EM simulation, we analyze your product’s EMC performance and devise effective solutions for improvement.

Advanced EMC Consulting for Comprehensive R&D Simulation, Testing and Measurements

  • Radiated emissions (30MHz-18GHz)
  • Conductive emissions (150kHz-30MHz), from power supply line
  • Radiated immunity (80MHz-1GHz)
  • Conducted immunity (150kHz-80MHz)
  • ESD testing (up to +/-24kV)

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You have a vision of a wireless product. So, you know how the product should look like, what materials will be used, what’s the desired connectivity experience, and more. The first thing is to find out how these requirements affect antenna design and is the vision realistic. Feasibility Study enables you to do just that!

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