Hardware design services from an antenna company?

Our extended services are here to provide a great length of flexibility and assurance for the success of your wireless product development. These services give you an extra hand beyond our core antenna, RF &EMC services, especially when you have an urgent need for more engineers to keep the development progressing.

Typical situations where these extended services come in handy are when your hardware and electronic teams are design experts in their domain but not so much from wireless design and technologies.  This can easily lead to situations where choices are made in electronics that could interfere with the performance of RF tranceivers or even cause problems at certifications. These problems usually show up unexpectedly and cause havoc to project schedules. Finding fixes is essential and time-critical, thus we can help to address the issues early and effectively solve the problems at hand. In exceptional cases, we can also provide full proof of concept development. The POC service is geared towards particularly challenging products from the antenna & RF design perspective.

Certification consulting

The earlier you can certify the product and launch it, the faster it’ll bring in revenue. A major blocker in go-to-market plans is certifications. As soon as you know the desired product features and where you would like to sell your product, it’s time to talk to certification experts.

Certification requirements depend on your product features but also the target markets. Certifications have to be done for each market, and early planning is needed to create a smooth certification process. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have developed a product that cannot be certified and thus sold in a market you desire. Unplanned certifications will lead to huge costs, both at certifications and R&D costs due to changes later in the development, but also lost time. Our certification expert is here to help.

HW design for embedded electronics

The development of electronics to a device with embedded antennas and sensitive radios differs greatly from products where external antennas are used. Embedded antennas will create stronger fields at various parts of the product causing various of EMC/EMI issues. The electronics always create noise and, if the levels are not mitigated by smart planning and careful attention to detail, the noise will block or de-sense the receivers of radios. Especially sensitive are GNSS receivers and LTE/5G radios when you need to meet operator requirements.

Developing good wireless electronics designs reduce the risk of EMC/EMI problems and doing it in a coordinated way with antenna design will speed up the development. You can focus on your main competencies!

Mechanics design for wireless products

Antennas are quite often mechanical constructions but antennas are always affected by mechanical parts. No matter what the material is. Some materials have a greater effect than others. Our mechanical engineers are specialized in compact devices such as IoT sensors and wearables. If you need support to make your product IP classified or just simply extra hands for a complex project, we can support you.

Proof of Concept – POC

A Proof of Concept device is a non-commercial version of a product meant to validate feasibility before committing to full product development. Developing PoC is a significant effort and you benefits greatly by doing it well as it is the foundation where later developments start from. If mistakes are made, those can easily be inherited in later phases of development and cause huge issues downline.

Radientum can coordinate the entire development of your PoC. A great advantage is that wireless connectivity is considered from the very beginning and remains at the center of all activities regardless of the disciplines, electronics, hardware, etc. We ensure smooth communications between different disciplines and consider antenna & RF performance as well as manufacturability in every POC development.

If you have your own team, you can still benefit from our PoC service. You will likely have existing products in the market and new ones in development. Do you want to tie your own staff to PoC development while they can focus on developing commercial products?

With the initial POC by Radientum, you will have an excellent foundation for product commercialization and make the most of your business.

Why Choose Radientum’s Design Approach?

You must keep one thing in mind when developing hardware products with embedded antennas: things are much more complex than with external antennas. It is not the antenna itself but the certification process, electronics, mechanics, and how to bring all these together with antennas and RF. Radientum is here to help you at each step and function!

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You have a vision of a wireless product. So, you know how the product should look like, what materials will be used, what’s the desired connectivity experience, and more. The first thing is to find out how these requirements affect antenna design and is the vision realistic. Feasibility Study enables you to do just that!

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