Why RF testing is needed in the world of certified RF modules?

Most companies aim to use pre-certified RF modules to avoid conducted RF testing but occasionally that is not possible. For example, additional LNA might be needed to improve the sensitivity of your system or simply no module exist with your required specification.  However, it is also very common that despite the use of pre-certified modules, connectivity is not what you want it to be. In that kind of situation, our RF measurement services help to identify the root cause of your problem and fix it with our RF consultancy services.


In our lab facilities we can perform many of the usual RF tests that may be required during a project:

  • (Conducted) spurious emissions
  • Output power measurements of transmitters
  • Network analyzer measurements
  • RF block linearity (IIP2, IIP3) measurements
  • RF block noise figure measurements
  • Transmitter load-pull tests (checking how the transmitter behaves in non-50 ohm load, a very typical situation in many small products where antenna can accidentally be placed against some metal or human hand)

R&D testing of FCC part 15 and RED

Predominantly component and module selections in a product are done so that existing certification tests for the modules can be leveraged. This usually removes the need for massive re-testing on integrated device.

However, there are often cases when all or some of the certification RF tests need to be re-done for the product. We have lab facilities to perform R&D tests for most RF systems to pre-check compliance against FCC Part 15 and RED requirements.

Finding possible issues in pre-testing can save you lots of time and money, as finding the issues during the actual compliance testing almost always causes delays to the product schedule.

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