Finnish STAHA association supports and promotes the management of static electricity and ESD risks, and acts as a link between persons, communities, companies, and institutions working in the scope of these issues and interested in them.

Radientum is pleased to help out the industry as the host for STAHAs next gathering and seminar on the 1st of June at Visiokatu 4.

The seminar agenda is:

14:15-14:30 Coffee

14:30-14:45 Introduction of STAHA and Radientum

14:45-16:00 Seminar presentations

  • ATEX at hardware product design with integrated antennas, Radientum
  • Story about ESD in production testing, Etteplan
  • Effect of changes in data collection system to ESD, Wapice
  • Antenna design methods to protect sensitive frontend, Radientum
  • Small stories and practical lessons of ESD phenomena in hardware product design, Radientum

16:00 A tour to the OTA antenna laboratory

More details and instructions on how to register to participate physically can be found on the association’s website at:

The event will be held in the Finnish language.