GPS antenna design

GPS antennas are often designed to cover wider GNSS which refers to global navigation systems and includes GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, and Galileo. We provide design services for integrated single(L1) and dual-band(L1+L2) GNSS solutions.

Navigation satellites transmit right-hand circular polarized signals, which need to consider on the receiver antenna design. The benefit of circular polarization on user equipment is the removal of reflection that would otherwise degrade reception sensitivity. However, many devices operate well with only a linear polarized antenna which is easier to integrate into the user equipment.

GNSS receivers might be assisted or standalone. Standalone devices do not have other means for location service than satellite signals which put high expectations for GNSS antenna performance.

Radientum Services for GNSS antenna design

We offer antenna design services for full product development projects from feasibility studies through different design stages to consultancy at the mass production phase.

Our antenna simulations are critical at reaching accurate performance forecasts in the early stages of development enabling informed decisions before the manufacturing of prototypes. Simulation enables us to use our extensive know-how in product integration to find new innovative antenna solutions.

We specialize in high performance integrated solutions that are cost-driven. Check our references!

GNSS Systems & Band Frequency [GHz]
GPS L1 1.563-1.587
GPS L2 1.215-1.2396
GLONASS G1 1.593-1.610
GLONASS G2 1.237-1.254
Galileo E1 1.559-1.592
Galileo E2 1.164-1.215
Beidou B1 1.561
Beidou B2 1.207
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