Modern cars are packed with antennas for many different systems. How the antennas are placed in a vehicle can have a significant effect on the reliability of the wireless connection. The current standard in the industry is to simulate the antennas with the details of the car to reveal any potential problems. These simulations are enormous and can take several days to complete.

In this webinar, we are showcasing a few situations where state-of-the-art simulation tools can enable faster simulations at the initial stages of development while keeping the car’s details in the model.

We will be covering the following examples:

  • LTE antenna placement simulation on the top of a car
  • UWB antenna placement simulation inside a car
  • 79GHz radar placement simulation to the front of a car

Despite the focus on automotive examples, the same tools can be used for example in an industrial environment.

A link to the recording will be sent to those who register for the webinar.